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The Roseland Show
New York City, NY
July 22, 1999

Here are all of the pics from the Roseland show that I took that night. I didn't get to meet the band or anything, but I was in the first row right in front of Nigel and I got some pretty decent pictures of them. I also waited around afterwards and I got to see them stick thier heads out of the windows of thier dressing rooms which was cute. All in all the show was absolutly amazing! The new songs were excellent and it was THE best show I've ever been too! It was definitly worth the 8 hour drive all alone from Cleveland, OH! : ) One more thing - to get back to this page from the pics, you have to use the back button on your browser. Sorry for the inconvience

Gavin and Dave

Gavin looking out the window

Gavin and Robin (kinda)

Gavin and Nig looking out the window


Nigel singing!

Robin standing by the window