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Robin Info!

~ Robin was born on September 10th, 1965 (Which makes him currently 33)

~ His full name is Robin James Goodridge.

~ His girlfriends' name is Glynis. On the Howard Stern show on 10/26/99 Robin said he was a single man, but on 11/2/99 Robin was seen with Glynis again.

~ He had a baby daughter (with his girlfriend Glynis). Ruby Rose was born on October 16, 1996.

~ He used to be in band 'Beautiful People' they made the record 'If '60's Were '90's'

~ He grew up in Gilford, England (right outside of London)

~ Robin's older brother gave him his old drums when Robin was 10.

~ He graduated from high school and became an Electronics Engineer, he did that for three years but hated it.

~ He then decided to make music his full-time career. He played in jazz bars, cover bands, and even a girls' dance school (which he said was one of his best jobs).

~ Gavin was looking for a drummer because Bush's second one had just quit. Gavin heard of Robin through a mutual friend . Gavin called Robin to come and check out one of their gigs on Sunday. Here's a quote of his about what happened next in DRUM! magazine: "I got drunk saturday night and I nearly didn't go. But he (Gavin) phoned me again earlier that day to say, 'Please come tomorrow', and that second phone call made it. I thought they were great. I didn't really like the drummer, which made me feel good. I knew I could have just sat down there and taken them up two levels in the rhythm department immediately. Got a bit drunk and told them that."

~ Robin uses Zildjian Cymbals, and DW Drums. He also uses Remo heads, Vic Firth 5B sticks and DW pedals and hardware.

~ Robin has been with Glynis for over 8 years.

~This is how he met Glynis: "I was in a band with her brother and I didn't fancy him as much as I did her."

***** The following information is from amBush *****
The site of the Official Bush Website@

born: September 10th, 1965
favorite book you've read recently:
The Peter Cook Biography.
favorite film you've seen recently:
The Sixth Sense.
cd's in your player right now:
Leftfield's latest album.
best live gig you've ever been to:
The Clash 16, Tonnes Tour
your personal philosophy:
To love and be loved in return.
the word that you can't get outta your vocabulary:
your motto:
Be groovy!
your favorite song on TSOT:
"English Fire"
words of wisdom can you offer us:
Listen to the voices in your head.
best new band you've heard:
favorite place to be:
what would you like to say to your hard-core fans?
Keep the faith!

more robin Former Band(s): Beautiful People
Food: Italian
Flavor of ice cream: Rum + Raisin
Color: Blue
Location: Home & Spain
Animal: All
(BUSH)Song: "Comedown" most fun live!
Movie: Godfather 1 & 2
Book: "Perfume" by Patrice Suskind
Pastimes/Hobby: Golf, Drinking Wine and Beer, and Football.
Bands: The Clash, Sex Pistols, Prince (early - Up Until Lovesexy)
Item of clothing: North Face Light Fatigues
Actor/Actress: David Niven, Robert DeNiro, Marlon Brando
Fictional character: Inspector Closeau

Boxers or Briefs- Boxers
Showers or Baths- Baths
Hot or Cold- Hot
Coffee or Tea- Tea
Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry- Chocolate
Innie or Outtie (Naval configuration)- Innie

Pets (all of them): 1 cat (Elwood)
Type of toothpaste: Crest
First concert attended: U.K. Subs Surrey University 1978
First record bought: "Jeepster" by T.Rex
Siblings: 1 Brother (Steven) and 1 Sister (Samantha)